Why a blog?

This blog is meant as a scientific travel log. It will document my progression as a researcher, present musings and ideas, explore readings and documents, and expose reflections on the nature of the historian’s work.

The continent I will chart is International and Diplomatic History, and I will more specifically deal with international relations in Europe and the foreign policies of the Nordic Countries and France. I am especially interested in “unorthodox” foreign relations (representations, cultural relations, public diplomacy, networks, etc) and the role of diplomats, envoys, representatives.

Historians should keep an eye on what other kids do in the academic playground. International relations especially can and should be studied from a variety of points of view. Those will be present here as well: IR scholarship, political science, etc.

As an aside to this scientific work, and as time allows, I will also propose reflections on the Nordic Countries and France. The focus will be on foreign policy and international relations, but not exclusively. These posts will be tagged “Random” and will be written in other languages than English.

That means this blog will be multilingual. I live and work in several languages, a reality reflected in my work and researches. Most of the posts will be in English, for good and bad. A few random posts, dealing with France, Finland or the Nordic Countries will be written in Finnish or French. There will be no method to this use of languages, and I might very well mix them in a single post. After all these years, all those dialects are just one big alphabet soup to me, of which elements I will use as I see fit, while trying to remain comprehensible.

Comments, if there are any, can be sent in all Nordic languages bar Icelandic (which I simply haven’t managed to understand… yet), English, or French.

Thank you for reading.

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