Back to the future?

I just found something interesting in the storage room of my department: this book, edited by my department in 1969:

O. Lähteenmäki (ed), Suomi tiedottaa, Suomen ulkomaisen tiedotustoiminnan ongelmia (Poliittisen historian laitos, Turun Yliopisto, julk. C:2, 1969).

The book is a collection of essays on Finland’s official “international communication” (kansainvälinen tiedottaminen). Meant as an academic contribution, it mostly works today as a gathering of witness-accounts on what the Finns considered to be what I would call “national image management”. The main names I have been bumping on in archives are there, for instance Matti Tuovinen, who worked as the head of the Foreign Minister’s Press Departement, and Bengt Pihlström, one of the most influential characters in Finland’s trade and tourism promotion until the 1980s. Great stuff, which I will surely use.

While searching, other books from the 1960s and 1970s, edited or written in the department, came to the fore. Lots of them dealt with subjects that have a distinct … New Diplomatic History feel: Finnish diplomats, diplomatic work in international organizations, etc. Again, interesting… I will comment on those as I read them.

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