A federation for France?

Last post for a while dealing with euro-matters, I promise…

As was the case in 2007 for the previous French presidential elections, the Finnish media has been interested in France this spring. The interest was even stronger than in 2007: the new president Francois Hollande was nominated right in the middle of a European crisis of which Finland is not entirely out of reach. The polite lack of interest with which all things related to French politics are normally welcomed in Finland was thus (temporarily, I believe…) replaced with a sudden need for news bits and comments.

In this context I was kindly given a bit more time than usual to try and explain what was going on in France. One of the most enjoyable of these efforts got published this week in the last issue of Kanava (9/2012), a Finnish magazine. The piece dealt with the history of French European policy and the possible French reactions to demands for a more integrated European political system (shorter: it ain’t gonna happen). The main arguments are exposed on the European Studies Portal of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University (http://europeanstudies.utu.fi/media/column/clerc_2012_08_21.html).

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