Unité de recherche Paris-Sorbonne “Expressions historiques, culturelles et esthétiques de l’identité. Espaces germanique, nordique, néerlandophone”

In French academic research, the Nordic Countries are not really what one could call a hot topic. Research dealing with these countries is also organized in a peculiar way, with a traditionally strong (and, I think, not entirely unproblematic) attachment to language and literature studies, and a clearly “cultural” feel. Then there are the “études de civilisations”, a question in itself, and an academic pattern that still tends to influence what is done in France about these countries.

But well, there are things happening nonetheless. My attention was drawn recently to a very interesting research unit in the University Paris-Sorbonne. They deal with the Nordic Countries, and the focus seems to be on identity, culture, the Arts, and the “études de civilisation”.

They have a research seminar which seems to gather most of what is active in French  cultural studies about the Netherlands, the German world and Northern Europe. Something to look at more closely in the future…

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