Foreign Policy free-for-all…

Do you read Foreign Policy? If you don’t, then you should. This is not always perfect, mind, but nothing is, and lately they have had at least two interesting groups of articles:

. First, an interview with Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, along with a paper commenting the interview and adding other witness accounts. Impressive journalistic work, from which comes a wonderful image of Lavrov both as an arch-pragmatist, as a stubborn negotiator, but also as the representative of a very peculiar regime. Russia definitively has interests in the world, and the right to defend them as other countries. But there is also something morbidly fascinating to Russia’s need for enemies, identity-driven inferiority complex, and constant need to “assess” its might, give nothing away, stand tall, etc… A vision of the world where there is no international community, only hard state-to-state dealing and double-dealing, and a lone country surrounded by enemies.

. And the second series of articles: Kenneth Waltz, the most vivid defender of neo-realism in international relations theory, died some days ago. FP has a massive collection of interesting obituaries.

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