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2 Responses to Contacts

  1. Colin Sayer says:


    My father, Major Sayer, was sent by the War Office in 1919 to find how the White Russians were getting on with our tanks.

    We are transcribing his two diaries of his trip and hope to be publishing a book (A5, probably about 80+ pages) this year with his diaries, some of his photos and some of his documents.

    We would like to be put in touch with Mr Kopisto.

    Sincerely C.G.Sayer

    • louisclerc says:

      Dear Colin Sayer,

      Thank you for your comment. I too would be interested to read the book you mention – despite working on another geographical zone (the Baltic), I am always interested in British and French accounts of these “Russian” operations. Could you keep me updated?

      As to Lauri Kopisto, I need to search a bit; I don’t know him personnally, but I can find him. Would you mind moving this conversation to an e-mail (you will find my address in the “Contacts” section of the blog).

      Louis Clerc.

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